Wednesday, September 26, 2007

IAB's MIXX Makes the Blogs!

The Interactive Advertising Bureau's sold-out MIXX Conference & Expo was blogger-friendly this year, and "citizen journalists" had a field day, especially with the on-stage fireworks among agency and publisher executives. Herewith, a wrap up with links:

On the Ogilvy-Carat-Publicis "Showdown"
Gale Executive Recruiting: In the MIXX: The New Strategy: "The Interactive Advertising Bureau's MIXX 2.7 Conference and Expo opened with a bang, as three industry heavyweights squared off in a panel discussion about how best to organize creative and media shops for the digital age. Carat Americas CEO David Verklin came down on the side of full integration. "Digital media has to be the core of every strategy," Verklin argued, suggesting that this could not be accomplished without the top to bottom integration of digital and traditional approaches to creative and media buying..."

Agency Spy:
"Gary Leigh, Chairman and Chief Executive of Ogilvy UK, has some thoughts about the digital program over at the death star agency, which echo Ogilvy co-CEO Carla Hendra's comment during her public spat with Carat Americas CEO David Verklin on the opening panel at IAB’s Mixx Conference..."

On Interactive Industry Consolidation
Revenue Source: Yahoo Unenthused About Google, DoubleClick: Color us with the 'unsurprised' crayon, neither Yahoo nor global advertising power WPP want to see Google walk away with the queen of the ad network homecoming ball.

Insider Chatter: Google to Marketers: Give Us ALL Brand Assets, For Eternity: While Microsoft takes $6 billion aQuantive aim at Google’s ad supremacy, Mountain View is digging in its online advertising heels, eagerly creating a Google stranglehold over brand marketers. In New York City this week, from OMMA to MIXX, all levels of the Googleplex totem poll were represented and all faithfully conveyed CEO Eric Schmidt’s favored notion that the advertising “power law” is in Google’s powerful favor.

On Amex CMO John Hayes Call for Collaboration
Adranium: Digital Teamwork? "The move to digital media is proving startlingly complex for marketers and agencies, pushing the need for increased coordination and collaboration among the many parts of the marketing ecosystem. That was the conclusion voiced at the opening sessions of the MIXX Conference, which the Interactive Advertising Bureau is holding here as part of Advertising Week. In an opening keynote, American Express chief marketing officer John Hayes said the many facets of digital marketing is forcing his company to insist on collaboration with and between its agencies..."

Useful Lunacy: "Lesson learned. Finally. According to a piece on today, this whole digital marketing evolution that's been transpiring for at least the past 10 years is -- wait for it - changing the way advertisers and marketers work together... That was the conclusion voiced at the opening sessions of the MIXX Conference, which the Interactive Advertising Bureau is holding here as part of Advertising Week... It's good to see the advertising and marketing industries are finally figuring this out. For a second there, I thought I was reading The Onion, not Adweek ."

ON: Digital + Marketing: "I spent the day at the Mixx conference for the most part of the morning. I will say that if you are a person who spends her/his time at the leading edge, walking the floor of the Expo was not where the action was. As a matter of fact I would say it was a line up of the usual suspects. That said, the workshops and the opening remarks made the Microsoft rubber chicken worth while..."

Speeple: "This the first morning KeyNote sessions, from John Hayes, CMO, Amex. As always, slightly paraphrased. I was extremely impressed by what he had to say, hitting many of the truths that are said about the marketing company and really believing them."

On What WPP Thinks About Google
Adfreak: It sometimes seems like the specter of an all-powerful Google is never far from the braintrust at WPP Group. Sir Martin Sorrell, after all, memorably labeled the Internet giant as a 'frenemy.' Now the Google juggernaut is taking on a celestial role. During a panel at yesterday’s MIXX conference, WPP Digital CEO Mark Read was asked one of those impossible conference questions..."

On the Seth Godin-Charlie Rose Keynote Interview

Technology News Blog: At Mixx, Seth Godin pimps Squidoo
: "I'm at the Mixx 2007 online-advertising conference here, marveling at the brazenness of author and entrepreneur Seth Godin. "How do we use this medium in the way it wants to be used?" he asks, as he's interviewed by Charlie Rose. He's speaking, of course, about the Web, but he might as well be talking about the medium of the conference stage. And he's using it to promote his new website, Squidoo..."

On Interactive Political Advertising
Dawn's Media Blog: According to the article “Political Candidates Stick to Traditional Media” published in MediaWeek, political candidates from both parties are demonstrating a stubborn devotion to traditional media, along with a cautious streak that is holding them back from truly embracing the Web as an outlet for political ad dollars. Even though Americans’ media habits are rapidly changing a group of panelists that spoke during the Mixx Conference predict that most spending will remain on TV and other tried and true outlets. Richard Kosinsi, vp of political advertising estimated that most candidates were planning to spend around one percent of their total media budgets online, versus the seven percent that most mainstream brands typically spend on the medium.

On the Crowd
Adverganza: "After the Ad Club of New York luncheon (see below), I decided to stop by the Interactive Advertising Bureau's MIXX Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square, and though I sat through a fairly engaging panel on "Content without Borders" (I'm a geek—what can I say?), the most interesting thing about the conference was how completely packed it was...

Futuristic Play by Andrew Chen: 5 differences between a NY ad conference and a SF web 2.0 conference: "Just a couple random observations from my first day at MIXX, which as a NYC advertising conference, is probably exactly the opposite from a SF web 2.0 conference..."

On Microsoft & Facebook
News and Stuff: "Microsoft is wearing its social media heart on its sleeve this week. The software company is in talks to acquire a stake of up to 5 percent in Facebook, the social networking site, the Wall Street Journal reported today. A look at Microsoft’s booth at the MIXX conference and expo this week at the Crowne Plaza Times Square shows how much the company is flirting with social networking..."

Uwe's Blog
: "Still more than 3 days to go but the highlight of Advertising Week took place today at the MIXX Conference: Charlie Rose interviewing Seth Godin. A few topics covered: Advertisers can't act as terrorists anymore and hold consumers hostage..."

On Creativity Online
Shift Market: Mixx snippet -- Kraft & Avenue A: Awesome validation from the Mixx 2.7 conference.

On the Halo 3 Debut
License to Roam
: "I just won an Halo3 Xbox and a copy of the Halo 3 game at the MIXX IAB conference I’m at (put your card in the bowl and see what comes out)..."

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