Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There Is Too Honor Among Thieves

Advertising Age publisher Scott Donaton informs me that he developed the concept of a "Clog" three weeks ago. Since the pixellated evidence is there for all to see (and since he was my overly indulgent editorial overlord for about a decade), I give credit where credit is due. Besides, the man is not only a creative genius -- his company is a member of the IAB.


  1. Aw, gee, shucks, thanks, Randy. I liked the notion that I had inspired you. Having found out we came to this place independently, I like better the idea of thinking like you. Great minds, etc.
    Cheers. Scott

  2. Randy, or is it Randy/Scott, or is it Scott, or is it Randott. (This is reminding me of the ad campaign I like most right now...the Pragacago AT&T text mash up!) Origination credit aside...I love CLOG and I wrote about how it inspired me here...
    So happy clogging!
    Julie Anixtger